Hygiene for Horror

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Over the course of only three years, the plague killed between 75-200 million people in Europe. To begin the activity, the class reads about and discusses life during the Middle Ages and the plague. Based on discussions, teams develop a plan that may have slowed the spread of the plague. These practices are then applied to modern times in areas of poverty around the world. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Work with social studies teachers to utilize the activity during their unit on the Middle Ages for a cross-curricular lesson
  • May want to transfer overheads to computer documents to project using PowerPoint instead
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity involves quite a bit of reading; place learners in groups accordingly and differentiate articles as needed
  • Scholars may not possess knowledge on the Black Plague or the Middle Ages, in which case, the activity may take longer
  • Includes all handouts and readings
  • Provides a great assessment about the teen ages and a follow-through activity
  • None
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