Lesson Plan

Human Knot

Employability skills are difficult to measure but are essential in the workplace. Introduce high schoolers to employability skills with the Human Knot activity. Groups of six grab hands to form a human knot and untangle themselves. The class then generates a list of the skills that helped them complete the activity.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Keep the list of employability skills the class generates posted throughout the unit
  • Coordinate the unit with the school's Career Center and Counseling Department
Classroom Considerations
  • The first in the Skills Identification and Career exploration series
  • Requires a flip chart, markers, and a large enough space for movement
  • Copies of the worksheets are also required
  • Includes detailed directions for the activity
  • The plan also includes suggested modifications and extensions
  • References a workbook that is not included in the resource; however, the two pages mentioned are included in the materials section