How to Make and Keep Friends

Examine what makes a good friend by inviting pupils to brainstorm character traits that good friends have. They write down four traits and write a few sentences about why each trait is important.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids work with partners or small groups to discuss character traits and social skills
  • Connect this exercise to the study of a text with a character that is a particularly good friend; you can then compare the character's traits to what your class wrote down for this exercise
  • Provide some sentence frames to help learners get started with their descriptions
Classroom Considerations

  • There is a second line next to where individuals are supposed to write in the character trait that seems to be start of the description area, but this is not clear; this may be confusing, so consider whiting it out before copying

  • Requires learners to think about positive traits in concrete ways (what do they look like?)
  • Encourages youngsters to consider the impact of social skills

  • None