How Danny Responds to Conflict (Chapter 5, "The Longest Day")

This How Danny Responds to Conflict (Chapter 5, "The Longest Day") lesson plan also includes:

As they continue to read Eagle Song, learners further develop their reading comprehension skills while working collaboratively with their peers. Following a similar format to previous lessons in this unit, the teacher reads aloud the first few pages of chapter 5 while students work in groups to answer text-dependent questions, supporting their responses with specific examples from the book. Young readers then work independently moving through the rest of the chapter, identifying other significant details in the story as they read. Children then return to their groups to discuss the remaining questions for the chapter, sharing the different supporting details they were able to find. Please note that this unit does not include a lesson plan for chapter 6 as it involves gang-related issues. It suggests that you either skip the chapter or cover it as a whole-class read aloud and discussion. 

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CCSS: Designed

  • Clearly addresses learning objectives
  • Includes all supporting materials
  • Provides differentiation to support all learners

  • Requires a class set of the book Eagle Song by Joseph Buchac