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In what year was the Declaration of Independence signed? When did Thomas Edison successfully test the first light bulb? After your young historians quiz themselves on questions like these, they will have the opportunity to learn more about important details surrounding these major historical events and add a new book to their app's digital library!

5th - 12th Social Studies & History 20 Views 4 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Your pupils will take quizzes in which they identify the dates of important historical events within a particular subject. After answering each question, they receive immediate feedback on their response and a short description of the historical event itself. When a a quiz is finished, the subject becomes a "book" where all information from the quiz can be read again in chronological order.


  • Five free games: American History I, Cold War, English History I, French History I, Science & Technology, and Wars of the World I
  • Purchase 30 more subjects (i.e. European History I-IV, Medieval History, World History, etc.) for only $0.99 more.
  • Awarded with one, two, or three stars based on number of correct responses

Tip: Tap help for further explanation on how to use the century timeline and highlight a particular year.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ask class what events they might encounter in each quiz to assess their general knowledge of history
  • After playing each game, give learners the opportunity to conduct further research on events that spark their interest
Classroom Considerations

This app is heavily based on memorizing dates, and you may wish to emphasize the ability to correctly place historical events in the appropriate century or within a few decades rather than focus on a specific year.

  • Includes a wide range of historical periods and large bredth of political, social, and cultural events
  • Supports recognition of centuries and roman numerals
  • Very text heavy, with no images to represent historical events
  • Hghest score for each quiz is displayed and maintained, and cannot be reset
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