Hero Myth Creative Writing Assignment

Send your pupils on a hero's journey! Individuals must compose a story that includes six key elements of the hero's journey. In order to determine the basics of the content of their stories, class members use the included grid to circle the last four numbers of their phone numbers. Each circled number indicates an aspect of the story (hero, setting, gift, theme). The final draft is either a short story or graphic novel; both options require a hand-drawn cover page, proper grammar and spelling, and the assignment page with circled choices. A fun and engaging mythology writing prompt that offers a scaffolded realm for composing a heroic myth!

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  • Offers the option of a graphic novel for students who wish to add more artistic elements
  • Lists clear steps and requirements for the assignment
  • The formula and categories provide enough structure and content to get writers started, but do not elimiate creativity or dictate too much of the story

  • Since the choices are based on phone numbers, some might be unhappy with their chosen hero, setting, gift, or theme
  • Assumes prior knowledge of the hero's journey