Group Details to Support Your Answer

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In the third of a five-part series on writing informational essays, writers focus on drafting and revising a body paragraph in response to a question about a text. An instructor walks through how to support their answers to questions about the text by grouping details together. The lesson focuses on how to reread text and paraphrase, using a graphic organizer to help with paragraph organization. Note that the lesson assumes that the viewer has watched and completed activities from the previous two videos in the series. 

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Classroom Considerations

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  • A handy review of the writing process begins the lesson
  • A brief discussion of how to pull information from multiple sources is a good reminder that research should not all come from one document

  • The instructor puts text from the notes in her own words, yet does not go through the thought process of how she did this, so young writers may need a bit more support in understanding how to paraphrase
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