Graphing and Properties of Quadratic Functions

This Graphing and Properties of Quadratic Functions activity & project also includes:

Summer projects are key to helping leaners stay proficient in math skills. Here is a project that reinforces Algebra II skills. Including five parts, the project explores graphing functions and quadratic equations such as the standard form, vertex form, and intercept form. The last part serves as a culminating practice of the skills presented in the project.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Tailor the first two pages of the resource in order to meet the needs of due dates and project expectations
Classroom Considerations

  • Intended for rising Algebra II students
  • The provided formulas allow for self-guided learning
  • The final project in a series of five summer math projects

  • The resource is formatted in a Word document for easy editing
  • Provides links to helpful websites
  • Includes a rubric for straightforward assessment

  • None