Grammar Up

Get your grammar groove on with an app designed to test your understanding of syntax and vocabulary. Great for building older elementary students' ability to accurately select words, you'll find practice tests that range from basic staples like adjectives and nouns to the more nuanced realm of infinitives, gerunds, and conditionals. 

5th - 6th English Language Arts 58 Views 37 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

A simple interface features twenty different grammar sections, each with up to 90 different multiple choice questions. Several settings, mostly located in the top left gear icon, offer customization.

  • Determine the number of questions for a given quiz
  • Set how much time the test-taker has per question
  • Choose whether to receive instant feedback on answers
  • Reset the entire program to use with a new student

At the end of the test, a pictorial image shows how you did–an x for wrong answers, a check for correct, and an exclamation for incomplete. Tap on any icon to review the question, see what you responded, and see the correct answer, and simply scroll using arrow keys to review other questions. Click on the upper-right share arrow to mail, save to camera roll, or create a copy of the results. 

Twenty Categories:

  1. Adjectives Word Choice
  2. Adverbs Word Choice
  3. Causative Verbs
  4. Conditionals
  5. Conjunctions
  6. Nouns Word Choice
  7. Prepositions
  8. Pronouns Word Choice
  9. Similar Words
  10. Verb Tense
  11. Transitions
  12. Two-word Verbs
  13. Verbs Word Choice
  14. Word Families
  15. Adjectives Word Form
  16. Adverbs Word Form
  17. Nouns Word Form
  18. Non-count Nouns and Articles
  19. Infinitives and Gerunds
  20. Mock Test (with randomly generated questions from all categories)


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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the quizzes as pre-assessments to determine learning gaps
  • Assign as an extra-credit activity for early finishers
  • Place this at a center and have it become a group activity
  • Use as a remediation tool for middle or high school 
Classroom Considerations

  • Since there is no way to add new words, there's a limited shelf life for each year's class before it gets old
  • The scorecard report only allows you see the number of questions that were right and wrong, not the specific answers that were incorrect. So if you want to use the app as an assessment piece, be sure to look at results on the tablet, not through the e-mail or camera roll
  • Also, while the types of grammar represented are things learned throughout 3rd-6th grade, the sentences used in the quizzes are oriented toward business, and include high reading level–words like personnel, quota, and efficiency

  • Fluid user-interface

  • No customization of content
  • High reading levels for lower-level skills
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