Fractions Practice Puzzles

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Piecing together the puzzle of fractions just got a little more fun with this collection of skills-practice worksheets. Covering everything from the simple identification of fractions and converting of improper fractions to the multiplication and division of mixed numbers, children's understanding of fractions is put to the test as they try to find the answers to the riddle written on the worksheet.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign these worksheets as in-class or homework exercises during an upper-elementary math unit on fractions
  • Differentiate instruction by assigning students worksheets that focus on the specific skills they need practice developing
Classroom Considerations

  • As the problems get more difficult, students will need to solve them on scratch paper, as there isn't much space provided on the worksheets themselves

  • A total of 40 practice puzzles are included in this resource, each offering 10 questions that focus on a specific skill relating to fractions
  • Answer keys are provided for each worksheet

  • None