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Use ancient Egypt to engage your class in learning about the world of fractions with this 16-lesson unit. Starting off with an introduction to unit fractions, young mathematicians slowly piece together their fractional number sense, eventually learning about mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, and different strategies for comparing fractions. A great way to add some variety to math instruction in the upper-elementary grades.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Work through the unit from beginning to end, or choose individual lessons to supplement into your own math curriculum
  • Create workbooks for each student, having them complete the exercises as in-class and/or homework assignment
Classroom Considerations
  • Go through and prepare the materials for the entire unit ahead of time, seeking the assistance of classroom aides, parent volunteers, or student volunteers if needed
  • Create laminated sets of flash cards and other printable materials so they can be used repeatedly from one year to the next
  • Student worksheets include text indicating the materials were originally designed for fourth grade classrooms in the Baltimore Public School district, but this does not affect the usability of the materials
  • A unit overview provides teachers with a brief description of each lesson
  • A student workbook is included with the unit, along with all other necessary printable materials
  • Visual fraction models are used throughout the unit to support student learning
  • Guiding questions are listed in each lesson to support student growth
  • None