Flippin' Proofs Parallel Lines Project

This Flippin' Proofs Parallel Lines Project activity & project also includes:

Learners will "flip" for this creative way to practice writing and explaining two-column proofs about parallel lines.  As they create their masterpiece, young geometers are led to consider overall proof characteristics as well as individual application of these features in specific situations. Led to scaffold these learnings into easy, medium, and hard pre-assigned proofs encourages growth in both logical reasoning and geometric theory.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Could be extended or modified to include coordinate or paragraph proof styles
Classroom Considerations

  • Some setup/procuring of materials required ahead of time (colored paper, markers, etc.)

  • Clear instructions and rubric for flipbook creation and summary of easy/medium/hard proofs
  • Learners led to naturally compare and contrast proof characteristics and techniques
  • Requires engagement with logical geometric reasoning beyond memorization of two-column proofs

  • Instructions regarding what is expected of converse proof are hard to follow
  • Extra points, equal to half of overall project value, are awarded to neatest/most aesthetically pleasing flipbook 
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