Five W’s and One H Activity for Events and People of the Indian Removal

What did Andrew Jackson have to do with the Indian Removal Act? Learn more about a pivotal moment in American history with a jigsaw activity. Learners from each group choose different historical figures and/or events to research, then report back to their group members about what they have discovered.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Project the list of names onto the board for class members to copy into a notebook
  • Incorporate into a research focus or when reinforcing informational text reading strategies
Classroom Considerations

  • Final page is blank
  • Research requires access to the Internet or a visit to the library

  • Activity is versatile for other historical periods
  • Emphasizes detail-oriented research
  • Collaborative lesson gets learners involved and working together

  • Does not include clear instructions for teachers or learners