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Find the Perimeter of a Polygon with More Than 4 Sides

This Find the Perimeter of a Polygon with More Than 4 Sides instructional video also includes:

Perimeter moves beyond squares and rectangles in a lesson on irregular-shaped polygons. The lesson focuses on the strategy of counting and then adding side lengths. Several examples are slowly walked through, giving learners plenty of time to see the strategy in action so they'll be ready to try it out on their own. This is the fifth of seven videos in a series.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Review of common mistakes like calculating area instead of perimeter and miscounting side lengths is helpful 
  • Some language used in the video, such as partitioned, may not be familiar to the learners in your class, so review the video ahead of time so you can pre-teach new vocabulary
  • The speaking in the video has some long pauses and the speaker goes back to correct herself on one concept
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