Exploring Who Can Vote and How to Vote

Voting requirements and voting laws in the USA have been controversial since the establishment of our democracy. While focused on North Carolina, this instructional activity gives any class a thoughtful examination of the laws about voting eligibility, first with a warm-up discussion, then by looking at actual voter registration forms and laws, and then with a variety of topics to hone in on for further discussion or topics for writing. Jam-packed with possibilities, the issue of lowering the voting age may grab the attention of class members.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Although focused on North Carolina, the resource can be easily adapted to other state withs a little bit of preparation
  • If you find class members particularly interested in one of the issues reviewed in the lesson, it could be a good topic for a debate
Classroom Considerations

  • You'll need an Internet connection in order to play the videos
  • The lesson is packed with issues and could last well beyond two days if you decide to give each one plenty of attention

  • Incredibly thorough lesson that opens pathways into a variety of issues 
  • Includes an actual voter registration form
  • Show young voters how they can pre-register to vote
  • Brings the reality of issues to light
  • Encourages independent thought and doesn't push learners towards any particular stance on these controversial issues

  • None