Explaining the Themes of Eagle Song: (Chapter 8, "Peace")

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Your class reaches the end of the novel Eagle Song as young readers focus on determining the theme of this story. Similar to previous lessons in the unit, the teacher begins with a read aloud of the first few pages of chapter 8, before asking learners to finish the chapter independently. The class is then reintroduced to the "Somebody In Wanted But So" reading comprehension strategy learned earlier in the unit, using it as a guide for identifying different themes in the novel. Significant teacher support is required during this discussion, as pupils are encouraged to move beyond summarizing the text toward understanding the different lessons it teaches. Children finally work in groups to support each theme with details from the book. A well-rounded lesson plan that nicely concludes your class's reading of Eagle Song.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Lesson facilitates collaboration between learners
  • Thoroughly supports students in meeting learning objectives
  • Comphrehensive lesson plan

  • Requires a class set of the book Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac