Estimating Rate of Transpiration from a Plant Cutting

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How much water weight will a plant lose through transpiration? Scholars measure a plant with water then later come back and measure it again. The difference in weight might be due to transpiration, dehydration, or loss of mass, depending on the hydration state of the plant to start. Each of these variables and factors leads to different conclusions on the worksheets.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Try different types of plants and compare the data
  • Combine the data from multiple groups and classes for each type of plant to find the average; discuss why an average is more accurate than one measurement
Classroom Considerations

  • Set up the experiment one day, then take the measurements and figure the change the next; neither portion should last an entire class period

  • Uses basic science lab materials
  • Includes teacher tips to help the lesson run smoothly

  • None