Essay Writing Guide

Keep your writers on track with a detailed reference tool. Organized into four main categories, this app will support learners as they compose and revise any number of essays.

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App Overview

Essay Writing Guide is a reference tool that your pupils can use when writing just about any essay. The app is organized into four categories represented by wheels that include related terms. You can click on each term to view additional information. Also included is a searchable glossary of terms.

The Categories:

  • Organization
  • Content 
  • Style
  • Mechanics

Information About a Term Might Include:

  • A general explanation or definition of the term
  • Guidelines for using that term or strategy
  • Dos and do nots
  • Examples of the strategy, grammatical structure, or concept
  • Questions in relation to that item to ask yourself while writing
  • Other factors to consider

Other Features:

  • Tap on Mechanics within the Organization, Content, and Style wheels to go to the Mechanics wheel
  • View a YouTube tutorial by selecting the three lines in the top-right corner
  • Change the color of the app by tapping the gear and then choosing a theme
  • Search for or scroll through terms by selecting the Glossary option in the lower-right corner
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task
  • Worth the money

    While this does provide excellent reference information, a lot of this information can be found online or in other sources. It is nice that it's all collected here and easy to navigate.

  • Fun factor

    This is, simply put, a reference tool. Learners tap instead of turning pages, but the content is the same as a writing handbook.

  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety
  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Have this app available for students when working on writing and revision during class; this would work particularly well if your pupils work in writing groups or centers
  • Ask learners to use the information provided here while they compose and revise essays
  • Suggest this app to parents and/or guardians as a tool they can provide for their young writers
  • When going over the parts of an essay, project the information and examples provided here for student reference
Classroom Considerations

  • Note that when you tap the middle of the wheel or the background, the menu along the bottom disappears; simply tap the screen again to bring the menu back
  • While you can choose a theme (a set of colors for the app), the theme goes away when you close the app

  • Provides plenty of useful information for writers to use while and revising composing essays, including examples, questions to ask while writing, dos and do nots, and much more
  • Learners will find that the app is easy to use

  • There are a few minor grammatical errors in the app