Engineering Ups and Downs

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What goes up does not always come down. Working in teams of two or three, classmates design and build a working elevator. The elevator must be able to safely deliver a car to any level of a parking structure. In order to assist with the design of the elevator, teams have access to resource sheets that contain information about the history and types of elevators.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this activity within a unit on simple machines
  • Include in the challenge the amount of force required to raise the elevator and car
Classroom Considerations
  • Build the garage before beginning the activity to save time
  • Use hot melt glue to reduce the amount of drying time
  • The teacher section contains a recommended reading list
  • Student resource contains a short explanation of a mechanical advantage
  • Though designed for students up to high school, the associated science standards only go to middle school
  • Time may be a factor in testing the elevator designs