Engineering the Earth: Exploring Wind Energy

The children in your class will likely be among the learners who invent creative ways to harness the earth's renewable energy resources. Encourage their critical thinking with a lesson about wind energy and creating wind turbines. Using a list of materials, they construct their own turbine, test it out, and engage in a game about the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in conjunction with your Earth Day or conservation unit
  • Have kids complete research projects about alternative energy sources
  • Host a wind turbine exhibit for parents or other classes, featuring your learners' inventions
  • Prompt kids to reflect on their process, especially about the parts that were the most difficult to figure out
Classroom Considerations
  • Though the activity is geared toward girls in STEM classes, you could use it for any population of learners
  • Provides a handy lesson plan that formats the steps, explanations, and examples for each part of the project
  • Fosters innovative thinking as well as an interest in alternative energy sources
  • None