Lesson Plan

Engineering Inspirations from Nature

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This Engineering Inspirations from Nature lesson plan also includes:

With James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGER expedition as an example, engaged engineering students learn about biomimicry and how engineers can imitate processes in nature to design new technology. They experiment with temperature on marshmallows, access the intriguing WebEcoist website, and conduct research on biomimicry. To conclude, they design and build a device that will protect deep sea explorers (i.e. marshmallows!).

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  • A variety activities and high-interest topic will appeal to all learning styles
  • High-quality resources, handouts, background infomration, and video clips make this exciting to teach
  • A reflection rubric allows learners to self-evaluate their projects
  • Adaptable to Next Generation Science Standards for engineering and technology
  • Ideal for your STEM curriculum
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