Lesson Plan

Energy Levels, Electrons, and Covalent Bonding

Through discussion and viewing videos, pupils begin to see how atoms form covalent bonds. Then they draw the covalent bonds between given molecules to show their understanding. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • May want to break this activity across two days, stopping before the lab in Explore on day one and completing the lab and Extend on day two
  • Post the opening joke on the board and ask someone to explain it
Classroom Considerations
  • Assumes learners understand atoms and subatomic particles
  • Needs include one 9-volt batter per group; be sure to have extras as well
  • Part four in a series of six
  • Provides teachers with higher order thinking questions scripted throughout the lab
  • Activity is set up in the 5E model format
  • Provides teachers with reference materials, activity sheet and key, links to videos, and reading passages
  • None