Earth and Space—Climate and Seasons

Why does Earth have so many seasons? Learn about the importance and changes of our planet's climate with a series of learning activities, which focus on connecting seasons to past experiences, making scientific observations, and interpreting data. The lesson culminates in a circle of learners, each standing in a place that represents his or her birthday in Earth's orbit.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use each lesson activity as a separate project or experiment throughout your unit on climates and seasons
  • Split your class into small groups and assign each a lesson activity to teach the rest of the class
  • Connect relevant activities to different disciplines, including narrative essays about seasons in language arts class and calculating change in climate over the years in math
Classroom Considerations

  • While the resource has its own objectives, vocabulary, and standards, most of the value is in the lesson activities, which are separately linked and include their own assessments and enrichment activities

  • Many activities are hands-on and engaging for young learners
  • Lesson activities are published by NASA and JPL
  • Provides many options for assessment, including fun group activities and data charts

  • None