Early Modern: Global Interactions

The moment Christopher Columbus's ships touched the shores of a New World, the old world changed forever. But has it been for the better? High schoolers consider the effectiveness, benefits, and drawbacks of the Columbian Exchange with a thorough resource that connects the Protestant Reformation, the Ottoman Empire, and the Transatlantic Slave Trade from the years 1450 to 1750.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the resource and essential question as the basis for a history class curriculum, or employ the parts of the unit that would be most beneficial for an existing curriculum
  • Have learners watch the videos on their own for a flipped classroom, or show the videos as a warmup before a lesson
  • Facilitate a formal debate with class members to discuss the essential question, with half the class arguing one side and the other half making the counterargument
Classroom Considerations
  • Primary source documents are modified for better comprehension; consider providing the original documents for learners to compare in a language arts class
  • Some worksheets are in color, but printing in black and white shouldn't affect quality or comprehension
  • Provides a student version with all necessary worksheets and printables
  • Covers a vast array of topics, concepts, events, people, and interactions within a span of 300 years
  • Inspires innovative discussion and critical thinking
  • None