Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857)

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A slave comes before the Supreme Court to ask for freedom and uses evidence from documents like the Declaration of Independence only to have the prosecution use the same evidence against him. Scholars investigate the various documents argued in the 1857 Dred Scott Supreme Court case. Group work and open debate preceeds a DBQ writing response in which individuals share their own decision on the validity of Scott's argument. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Divide the class into research groups and assign a document from the DBQ to present to the class to aid in understanding 
  • Split the class in half and debate the Dred Scott decision with the abolitionist and fugitive slave law advocates represented
Classroom Considerations

  • Lesson could take multiple class periods with DBQ research and writing, pace accordingly 

  • Resource provides printable DBQ and worksheet materials for classroom use
  • Detailed teacher plans and rubrics help with pacing and grading 

  • None