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Help your class unravel the mystery of DNA with a comprehensive life science presentation. Slide-by-slide this presentation takes young biologist on an exploration of the structure of DNA, its ability to self-replicate, and common disorders that result from genetic mutations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Show this presentation over the course of three lessons, supplementing a biology unit on DNA
  • Create a note-taking guide for students to complete as they watch this presentation
  • After completing this presentation, have the class research and give presentations about different genetic disorders
Classroom Considerations
  • Internet access is required to open the hyperlinks included in the presentation
  • Presentation includes some images of genetic mutations that may be disturbing to students; be sure to view the entire presentation yourself before showing it to your class
  • Colorful diagrams are included throughout the presentation to visually support the scientific content being taught
  • Red font is used to highlight key words and phrases throughout the presentation
  • Resource is downloadable as a PowerPoint file, allowing teachers to make changes to meet the needs of their class
  • There are video files embedded in one of the presentation slides that do not work and some hyperlinks that are broken