Dividing with Base Ten Blocks

This Dividing with Base Ten Blocks presentation also includes:

Break out the base ten blocks for this presentation on long division. Looking at two separate examples, step-by-step instructions are provided for dividing two- and three-digit numbers by single-digit divisors. Engage the class by passing out base ten blocks and inviting children to follow along with the problems shown in the presentation. This is a supplemental resource that builds the numbers sense of young mathematicians, preparing them for an introduction to the long division algorithm.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Each example is solved two ways, demonstrating the partitive and quotative interpretations of division
  • Includes pictures of base ten blocks to support young mathematicians as they learn how to model division with manipulatives
  • Presentation is downloadable, allowing teachers to make modifications that meet the specific needs of their students
  • Requires practice problems to support learners with using base ten blocks to divide
  • Presentation needs to be modified to explain division in terms of place value