Diversity in Living Things

How diverse is the world we live in compared to the way things used to be? Young biologists explore diverse organisms and relate the structure of each organism to its ability to survive in our current environmental conditions. After describing the importance of biodiversity and discuss its effects on the human population, they conclude the chapter with an in-depth look into the effects of extinction.     

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign each individual an organism that is now extinct, and have the individuals perform research to determine what prompted the organisms to die and what, if anything, could possibly have been altered to keep the organisms from becoming fully extinct
  • Have pairs or groups research an animal or other organism currently still alive, and prompt them to research everything that would be affected should that animal or organism become extinct
Classroom Considerations

  • Assist English learners with all assessment questions and graphs to ensure understanding of content
  • The first lesson in a 9-part series

  • Contains multiple activities and visual aids to challenge your class while allowing differentiated learning
  • Allows middle and high schoolers to gain firsthand knowledge of biology by performing activities using worms and other organisms with the goal of relating concepts acquired to their surrounding environment

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