Distinguishing the Author’s Purpose

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A big step in the development of children's reading comprehension skills is the ability to differentiate between the topic of a piece of writing and its purpose. The third lesson in this series presents learners with collections of short passages on a single subject, teaching them to make this distinction through a series of whole group and independent practice activities. By teaching young readers to identify the topic and purpose of a piece of writing, they are then able to create a context that supports their understanding of the text. Use this lesson to lay the framework for planning your language arts curriculum, covering a series of general themes by reading a combination of informational, entertaining, and persuasive texts.

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CCSS: Designed

  • All supporting materials are included with the lesson
  • Reading passages clearly support learners with identifying entertaining, informational, and persuasive writing
  • A short list of key vocabulary is provided to support children with understanding the reading passages

  • Assumes learners are familiar with the characteristics of entertaining, informational, and persuasive writing
  • Lesson provides only a general outline of the procedures
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