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Develop Events in a Narrative Using Description and Dialogue

This Develop Events in a Narrative Using Description and Dialogue instructional video also includes:

Dialogue really brings a story to life and can reveal a lot about its characters, plot, and setting. Explore how this literary technique is used to engage an audience as young writers begin drafting their narrative response to The Story of Dr. Dolittle. To encourage original student work, consider pausing the video and allowing children to begin their writing before viewing the examples provided by the instructor.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Models how to hook readers using actions and dialogue to begin a piece of narrative writing
  • Allows learners to monitor their progress through the writing process
  • Adaptable to Common Core writing standards across the upper-elementary grade levels
  • Assumes prior knowledge about how to include dialogue in narrative writing
  • A rubric is required to to provide clear expectations for student writing
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