Describe 2-Dimensional Cross Sections of Right Rectangular Prisms

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Help your learners visualize the resulting shape when a right rectangular prism is sliced with a two-dimensional plane in this first video in a series of two. Start by going over the key vocabulary shown at the beginning of the core lesson: cross-section, parallel planes, and perpendicular planes. The video uses animation and familiar context, aiding student understanding that a cross-section which appears to be a parallelogram is really a rectangle. The slide presentation contains the same animation, so the activity can be stopped and rewound, making it easy for students to complete independently. The Coach’s Commentary and Guided Practice videos make this resource a complete lesson.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Relates real-world objects to constructing a cross-section
  • Uses animation to help learners visualize a two-dimensional figure slicing a three-dimensional figure
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