Daily 5 Posters

Set up five language arts learning stations using these adorable station signs! Kids easily comprehend the task at hand with the helpful full-color visuals. The signs are designed for five stations: writing, reading silently, reading aloud with a partner, listening to audio reading, and vocabulary or spelling practice. Use all or some to set up your own guided reading and writing stations! 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Print out and laminate, posting around the room at stations that are pre-set for learners
  • Use stations as differentiation strategy for learners who finish projects faster and need something to challenge them for a few minutes (getting to choose a station makes this even more of a treat!)
Classroom Considerations

  • The wording is specific. For example, "Word Work" and "Read to Self"

  • Sheets print beautifully and easily

  • Not editable