Cyberbullying Crackdown

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Cyberbullying is a unique problem to the younger generation of learners. Explore the effects of cyberbullying and the efforts to stop it with a reading passage and set of ten comprehension questions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the article to begin a class discussion about bullying
  • Have readers conduct additional research for information about cyberbullying, and have them present their findings in front of the class
  • Incorporate the reading assignment into a curriculum unit on bullying and student leadership
  • Prompt class members to write a journal entry about whether or not they agree that cyberbullying is a growing problem
Classroom Considerations
  • Reading passage discusses suicide, which may be a sensitive topic for some learners
  • Six-page resource contains three pages of reading passages and three pages of questions
  • Passage is dated, as it references President Obama's efforts to fight cyberbullying
  • Picture is in color
  • Includes both multiple choice and short answer questions
  • Connect important real-world issues with reading skills
  • Provides an answer key
  • None
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