Lesson Plan

COVID-19: How Do I Protect Myself?

This COVID-19: How Do I Protect Myself? lesson plan also includes:

Since COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is so easily transmitted, we must take preventative measures to keep others and ourselves from getting sick. Scholars learn about these measures in a lesson that introduces information by way of an 11-slide presentation. A KWL chart organizes thoughts. A worksheet gauges comprehension. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a poster that displays the proper hand-washing procedure
  • Place pieces of tape on the ground to show how far apart individuals should stand to accurately physically distance themselves
  • Be a good example—if teaching in-person, make sure your mask is on properly and remind pupils to wear theirs in the correct manner 
Classroom Considerations
  • The second of three lessons about COVID-19
  • Plan to make a class set of copies
  • As new information comes from researching the new virus, be sure to relay up-to-date facts and safety precautions
  • The lesson can be used with all learners
  • Addresses the challenging aspect of staying home and social distancing
  • Encourages participants to not give up the hard work to keep virus transmission low
  • States that masks are solely used to keep oneself from touching their face, although masks help in that matter it is not their main purpose—masks keep droplets from coming into contact with others, wearing them protects our family, friends, neighbors, etc.