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Cover the Area of a Shape Using Square Units

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This is the first of a series of four lessons designed to examine and understand the concept of area. A review of area starts the lesson, along with a discussion of different attributes that can describe a rectangle. The term square unit is then defined, including a discussion on what is and is not a square unit, and an explanation that the word unit is used when we do not know the exact type of units, such as centimeter, inch, or foot, that an object is being measured in.

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Classroom Considerations
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  • The lesson does a good job of showing the difference between a closed shape, which can have an area, and an open shape, which can not have an area
  • The description of how to make a square unit is also thorough
  • The speaker starts, stops, and back tracks to make corrections in the script throughout, which is a little disruptive
  • It may be good to pause the video and have a discussion on the final illustration; it very briefly states how many square units are denoted, but does not take time to examine how that answer was arrived at
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