Correlation Order

What does the correlation coefficient really tell us about the relationship between two things? Pupils examine graphed variables and estimate their correlation coefficients in a brief formative assessment. After determining the coefficients, they then place them in order from least to greatest strengths and explain their thinking.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Determine how well the class understands the concept by asking them to relate each graph to a common scenario; for example, the second graph presents a coefficient of roughly -1.00, what situation can they think of that is a negative linear relationship?
Classroom Considerations
  • Some students may feel uncomfortable with estimating the correlation coefficients from graphs, so allow extra time for them to complete the assignment
  • Requires prior knowledge of correlating coefficients and their interpretation 
  • Simple yet insightful, the worksheet provides focused feedback for varying levels of comprehension
  • The included rubric contains both remediations and extension activities to help you address all levels of learning
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