Constructing a Tangent Line

Make sure scholars haven't gone off on a tangent by having them construct one! The activity contains one question with multiple steps of justification needed, giving you an in-depth look into class members' level of comprehension. Use the included rubric for ideas on what the next steps in your unit should be.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • After the assessment, use the extended thinking questions in the rubric to dig deeper into students' understanding
Classroom Considerations
  • Complete justification of the answer to the problem contains multiple steps; use the rubric to gauge their knowledge and fix misconceptions
  • Requires prior knowledge of tangent lines, perpendicular lines, and circles to complete the problem
  • Complexity of the assessment allows you to examine multiple concepts in one question
  • The resource is versatile and could be used as a formative check or homework assignment
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