Compare Experimental and Theoretical Probability to Interpret Data

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Once your learners can calculate experimental and theoretical probability, teach them how to compare their results with this video. Review the difference between each probability and how to set up the ratio from each event. Use the prior video in this series for more practice with setting up ratios if needed. This lesson uses a scenario involving throwing dice and the sum of the numbers shown. It then demonstrates how to calculate each probability and displays the ratios on a number line to see if the actual result is close to the predicted. 

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Introduces the experiment of using two dice and their outcomes
  • Visual comparison of different results on number line
  • More practice problems and activities listed in Slides
  • Does not introduce changing the probability to a percent in video; introduce this concept to the class and use the quiz provided in Slides for practice with percents
Common Core