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Modern advertising takes a geometric turn with this unit. The final assessment activity leads pupils through the logical analysis of a fictional logo, including development of a paragraph proof. The wealth of resources leading up to the activity are the real gem here. From investigations into the Pythagorean theorem to activities related to proof development, even teachers not interested in the primary activity can find good geometry help. The inclusion of graded exemplars is a handy bonus, and is great for teaching open-response test techniques.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Add an extension activity where the class creates their own creative logos that meet specific geometric criteria
  • A suggested extension in the activity has teachers guiding web searching and social media to do logo research and analysis
  • The disability resources included would also make for excellent remediation or differentiated instruction tasks
Classroom Considerations

  • The material in the packet is not ordered chronologically. The main cumulative activity is followed by graded examples, followed by rubrics, teaching tools, and formative assessments

  • Relevant background and formative activities support without being carbon copies of the main activity
  • Thorough rubrics and examples would make great teaching tools for open-response questions in standardized testing
  • Student directions are clear, but also not overly wordy with excess information
  • Specific ELL and disability support and adaptations provided

  • Page 20 references a specific online remediation lesson, but rather than provide a link, offers the instructions to google the author, Malcom Swan
  • Geometry software ling to Cabri ( leads to site with free limited trial, but additional use requires a purchase
  • Geometry software link to Cinderella ( links to a paid software site. The link to the free educational version is
  • Page 48 title mis-aligned and runs off of page at bottom of sheet
  • Disability resources link lands on general pbs learning site but not a specific activity
  • Disability resources link leads to an error page
  • pg 58 you tube video leads to "unavailable" screen
  • Teaching support worksheets not all provided with answer keys