Color Uncovered

Like a twenty-page interactive magazine, this app opens the user's eyes to the amazing world of color and optics. Almost every page provides activities; some requiring the placement of objects on the screen, such as a CD cover to show what happens when colors overlap or a real drop of water to reveal the component colors of the pixels in the tablet screen. This is a stellar tool for helping middle and high schoolers visualize how the brain interprets color!

6th - 12th Science 90 Views 55 Downloads
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App Overview

  • Scientific literacy is enhanced with informative text
  • Seven videos explain how different colors evoke emotion
  • Hands-on activities demonstrate how the eye and brain work together to infer shape, colors, or motion
  • A table of contents makes maneuvering to different individual activities easy. You choose which pages to assign
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Provides plenty of varied instruction

  • Worth the money

    Even if they charged for this free app, it would be valuable

  • Fun factor

    A variety of activities, including hands-on explorations, are included

  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    Contents page provides a way to share and rate the app

  • Control and feedback
Instructional Ideas

  • Include Color Uncovered as a center in a rotating lab when exploring the behavior of light
  • Assign the activities as part of a physical science unit on light
  • Use the app when covering the eye-brain connection during a human body unit
  • As a related writing activity, have learners share how different colors make them feel, much in the same way that the people in the videos do
  • Create a worksheet where learners can record what they learn as they carry out the activities on each page
Classroom Considerations

In order to incorporate all of the hands-on activities, you will need to provide CD covers, water, and medicine droppers.

Note that the videos are interviews with people sharing how they feel about certain colors. If you use these, ear buds are recommended. You may opt to leave the videos out if you want to stick to the science of color rather than delving into emotional connections.


  • Colorful pages
  • Activities are incredibly engaging
  • Detailed scientific explanations are provided for concepts

  • Additional materials are needed to completely carry out each activity