College Bound

What is a digital footprint and how is it related to college admissions? Start out by defining and discussing the term, supporting the conversation with a video about what a positive digital footprint looks like. Next, invite small groups to role play and pretend they are college admissions panels choosing between two high school seniors. Meet as a class to discuss their choices and online information in general. All necessary materials are provided for this well-sequenced plan.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Comes with a video that demonstrates the lesson in action as well as a video to show your class
  • All materials for the role play are included in addition to vocabulary, an assessment and answer key, extension ideas, discussion questions, and more
  • The optional assessment refers to high school alcohol use; however, this is meant to show students what not to post online
  • The mock Facebook pages look a bit out of date, but get the job done