Civil War Trust Animated Map: Cedar Creek

The preservation of Civil War era battlefields is an ongoing argument between cities, corporations, and groups like the Civil War Trust. After watching a brief animated analysis of the Battle of Cedar Creek, a video from the Civil War Trust details the modern legal struggles of keeping the battlefield intact.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign to learners the night before a class discussion on the Civil War
  • Have small groups each choose to further research one battle detailed in the publisher's playlist; there are 16 total
  • Prompt class members to write argument papers about the rezoning of Civil War battlefields, arguing for or against their preservation
Classroom Considerations

  • Musical overture is often misaligned to the tone of the information
  • The second half of the video is about the rezoning of the Cedar Creek battlefield, and invites viewers to write a letter to the mining company whose quarrying is encroaching upon the battlefield's perimeter

  • Poses an intriguing question to a social studies or language arts class

  • Production quality is not as high as others in the playlist
  • Contains no narration besides written commentary