Chunked Text

Three activities focus on reading chunked text with proper intonation, expression, and phrasing. Peers grouped by specific ability levels take turns reading a text. While one reads, the other tracks their work and marks results on corresponding worksheets.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Place materials for each pair in folders; have them easily accessible for learners to grab and practice in a timely fashion 
  • At Back-to-School Night, give families a set of texts to practice with their pupils at home 
  • Review progress charts with parents and guardians at Parent-Teacher Conferences 
Classroom Considerations
  • The duration reflects the completion of one drill 
  • Three activities make up the fourth part of a five-part unit that boosts fluency 
  • A tent card for activity three provides participants with instructions at their desk 
  • Offers three accommodations and extension activities 
  • None
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