Cellular Respiration

Breathe a sigh of relief! Life science scholars experiment with yeast to uncover the facts about respiration. The lesson guides them through the purpose of respiration and its relationship with photosynthesis. Individuals then focus on mastering the chemical equations used to express the process.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Extend the lesson by assigning further research on yeast
  • Use the chemical flashcards to illustrate how the respiration equation can be turned into photosynthesis
Classroom Considerations

  • Pupils should be comfortable with the main cellular organelles, photosynthesis, and types of organisms
  • Prepare lab materials in advance; be sure to keep extra balloons handy to replace those that pop

  • The teacher's guide is detailed and provides many assessment options throughout the lesson
  • Learners conduct their own investigations, which helps them practice good lab safety protocol and make careful observations 

  • None