Carbon Cycle - Part 1

Like the circle of life, the Carbon Cycle is a never-ending process of transformation and renewal. But, where does it all begin? The seventh part of an eight-part series discusses photosynthesis and respiration, the foundations of the Carbon Cycle. In addition to the basic concepts, learners see a more in-depth take on the formation of important molecules for life and growth, such as proteins, and where the building blocks of these molecules originate.

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Instructional Ideas

  • To adapt a more biology-oriented tone, have the class create food webs using the relationships in the video
  • Creating vocabulary flashcards during the presentation will help pupils tackle new terms
Classroom Considerations

  • Be sure that prior knowledge of photosynthesis and respiration are in place before viewing the resource

  • The resource refers to other videos within the Carbon Cycle and Global Warming series to help young environmental scientists pull it all together
  • Animated characters and easy-to-follow narration set learners up for success to tackle tougher components of the cycle down the road

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