Byzantine Art

This Byzantine Art presentation also includes:

Squinches and pendentives? Minarets? Apse, narthex, and exedrae? The iconoclasm controversy? Roman and Byzantine art and architecture from 350 CE to 1560 CE is the focus of a PowerPoint designed to prepare AP art history and humanities pupils for the May exams.

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Classroom Considerations

  • No script accompanies the PowerPoint; therefore, preview the slides to determine what additional information needs to be added
  • Show the 84 slides over several class periods
  • The presentation could be used to introduce the material and again as a review for the AP art history and humanities exams

  • Maps are included that show the areas under discussion
  • Some historical background is included
  • The images of the art and architecture are vivid and focused

  • No script is provided
  • Some of the quiz questions are based on information not presented in the slides
  • The significance of some of the images is not indicated on the slide