Burning Decisions

There's a big difference between a comfortable campfire and a raging forest fire, but they both often start in the same ways. Follow a forest maze that leads to either a controlled burn that extinguishes easily, or a large, uncontrollable wildfire, and learn about the best ways to prevent fire damage to the forest.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners write a summary of the information they've learned about fire prevention and extinguishing
  • Encourage your class to make a handy card to carry around with instructions for putting out fires, and to hand out copies to fellow campers
  • Bring the worksheet to your unit on forests, fire safety, or when preparing for a class camping trip
Classroom Considerations

  • Worksheet is in color and is best used in color, rather than black and white; consider laminating the page for multiple uses
  • Some readers may need help navigating the maze

  • Provides lots of helpful and applicable tips
  • Maze is engaging and promotes critical thinking

  • None