Building Evidence-Based Arguments: “E pluribus Unum”

Out of many, one. Guide eighth graders through a historical exploration of American immigration policy with a research unit. Individuals craft their arguments to develop a position before organizing and presenting their evidence-based claim.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Connect to a social studies unit when discussing the American Revolution, the Constitution, or immigration into the United States
  • Have learners find contemporary news articles and sources to connect to the unit
Classroom Considerations
  • Refer to the unit outline on page 5, which details the steps and objectives for each of the five parts
  • A list of the unit text sets is available on page 7, and each passage is attached to the resource
  • The most recent article in the unit was published in 2013
  • Designed for eighth grade Common Core standards
  • Includes articles, speeches, and cartoons that relate to immigration, including the Harvard Survey of American Attitudes about Immigration, historical arguments from Senator Ellison Durant Smith and Lyndon B. Johnson, and contemporary arguments from President Barack Obama and Senator Marco Rubio
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