Brainfeed – Educational Videos for Kids

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Serve your class some food for thought with an app that is chock-full of educational videos that are easy to digest. Pupils can browse the categories or search for something specific. Either way, they'll learn something new and enjoy learning it!

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App Overview

Explore over 1,250 videos with your pupils. The videos are all pre-screened for appropriate content, educational value, and engagement. Starting with the already-bookmarked series about the human brain, students can explore the world, and find out all about a variety of topics. The app comes with a certain amount of videos free for each category. If you want to view the rest of the videos, you must subscribe for a small fee.

Subscription Cost:

  • Monthly: $0.99
  • Annually: $6.99
  • Six months: $4.99


  • Search for specific videos by tapping the magnifying glass icon
  • Choose videos from the listed categories using the menu on the left, indicated with three lines
  • Watch videos selected as the best for that month
  • Save videos to watch later (upgrade required for this feature)
  • Scroll through categories by swiping the pages left or right
  • Scroll through videos in a specific category by sliding the screen up or down
  • Provide feedback or get support by tapping the question mark icon; a tutorial is included here if you need it

Video Functions:

  • View full screen by tapping the two arrows or by spreading two fingers across the video diagonally
  • Exit full screen with the two arrows or by pinching diagonally with two fingers
  • Pause video
  • Connect the video to an Apple TV using the AirPlay button
  • Watch the next video in the series when it auto-plays, toggle through videos with the arrows provided, or scroll through the video menu and tap the video you wish to view


The videos are organized into categories. When you tap each main category, it will expand to show anywhere form two to seven subcategories. For example, you may first select Tech and Design and then choose Robotics from the menu options that appear. The main categories are as follows:

  • Your Brainfeed
  • Science
  • This Is Your World
  • Tech and Design
  • English
  • Arts and Music
  • The Human Body
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Make Your Future
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Brainfeed is full of excellent educational videos you can show your class. The videos are appropriate for young viewers and engaging.

  • Worth the money

    The subscription cost for the app is relatively low. However, if your class has multiple devices, or if you are implementing a 1:1 program, the cost might appear less manageable. You can view a certain amount of videos for free, and the app is certainly still useful without a subscription.

  • Fun factor

    The videos are engaging and educational. The app has a beautiful and simple user interface.

  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    While the videos are chosen with kids in mind, some of the videos include clips or links at the end that may vary in content.

  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Find videos on Brainfeed to accompany and enrich your lessons
  • Allow individuals or small groups to use the app when researching a topic
  • Spend those last few extra minutes of class watching an engaging and educational video
  • Let your substitute teacher know that Brainfeed is there for filling time without wasting it
Classroom Considerations

Some videos have subscription prompts or short clips from other videos made by the same people that show up at the end. These vary in quality and age-appropriate content.

Science has more representation in Brainfeed than some of the other categories, like language arts or social studies. While the pickings might be slim for, say, the grammar-related category versus the universe subcategory, videos are added to the app regularly and these additions should help to even out the disparities.

Since the videos are shown within the app, rather than taking students to another site or browser, things like nasty YouTube comments are eliminated entirely.

If you subscribe, Brainfeed will auto-renew your subscription unless you indicate that you'd like to terminate.


  • Easy to use for pupils of all ages
  • Short videos are chosen with engagement and appropriate content in mind
  • Provides enough content without subscription to still be useful; the app is even more useful if you pay the relatively cheap subscription cost

  • The number of videos in each category varies greatly; as of now, the app is geared more toward science topics
  • You may want to pre-screen videos, since some may be too complex for your age group or include a subscribe option at the very end that you'd like to skip