Bless Me, Ultima: Culture and History

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"The orange of the golden carp appeared at the edge of the pond. . ." The second session in a 10-lesson unit study of Bless Me, Ultima examines the cultural and historic context of the novel. Just as Antonio struggles trying to align his Christian faith with the pagan elements of his culture, class members need to read the provided background information about the traditions pulling at Antonio to understand his confusion.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Ask groups to research the names of Antonio's parents (Marez and Luna)
  • Ask individuals to create a sketch of the various forces (mother, father, friends, church) pulling at Antonia and to include a representation of Ultima and her place in his life
Classroom Considerations

  • The lessons are designed to be used in order; however, many can be supplemented with additional activities

  • The attached zip file contains all the materials required for the unit
  • The two handouts provide learners the cultural and historic contexts required to understand the references and images in the novel

  • None